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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier black friday is now almost three years old but as they say it’s never too late so now we have the frontier version in for a review Samsung has released two smartwatches after the gear s3 and those are the gear Sport and Galaxy watch will have the Galaxy watch next week so this is really a great opportunity to see exactly how Samsung has improved in two years let’s go back to the s3 inside the factory box that design excellently we can find a smaller silicon band standard wireless charger that connects Y a micro USB port and some user manuals gear a3 is protected by the mi L STD 810 G standard which means that it’s protected up to 1 meter in depth and up to 30 minutes as soon as you put the watch in your hand you can really feel that it’s very well made and even better design Samsung has really put a lot of effort in designing their smartwatches but they still have some flaws this much technology implemented into the watch demands quite a lot of space and when you have to create space in something as small as a watch you’ll have to be creative however some drawbacks are there which is why this watch is so heavy and robust and after some time while wearing it it may feel a bit uncomfortable this feeling is even more enhanced by the silicon strap that is in our opinion too thick and rigid which has since been taken care of on the other hand the strap is 22 millimeters thick and compatible with other bands of the same size so buying another shouldn’t be an issue still all this changes when we see what exactly the gear s3 is capable of so stay with us to find out this watch has a circular display 1.3 inches in diameter while the whole watch measures 46 millimeters this is a Super AMOLED display and due to it the watch offers phenomenal views and color accuracy resolution is exactly what you would expect from a 1.3 inch display 360 by 360 pixels pixelization is invisible at all and the view is full of details which will only add up to the premium feel of this SmartWatch even three years later brightness outside is also remark so you won’t find yourself trying to cover up the watch to see the time there’s always he always on display to make your watches display fired all the time but we wouldn’t recommend this at all because it will reduce the battery life down to only add a gyroscope is there precisely to solve this problem the registers when you lift your wrist to check the time so the display lights up only when needed this is a much better option unless you want your watch to spend more time on the charger than on your wrist the display is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass as our plot technology the chip and powers the gear s 3 in the Samsung Exynos 72 70 which has a dual-core CPU inside with the maximum clock speed up to 1 gigahertz this 14 nanometer chipset is paired with 768 megabytes of RAM and there’s also an LTE modem built in however only is a special edition of the watch the gear s3 and all other Samsung smart watches work on their own Tizen OS is specifically developed for this use out of the box we get the version 2.3 point 2 but it is updatable up to version 4.0 which means that the gear f3 supports your latest exercises notifications applications etc speaking of applications on the watch we come to the most interesting part of this review through its Galaxy market Samsung offers a wide range of applications that you can download and install on your watch there are navigation apps fitness apps radio news even games and all this is quite fascinating there are also watch faces and plenty of them you won’t have to buy another watch ever again only because you have changed your outfit since you can only change the watch face and you’re ready to go there are different faces minimalistic analog digital you can even have Stalin with his hands to show you the time if you so choose absolutely everything is possible Galaxy watch or galaxy wearable applications are available for all Android phones as well as an iPhone so it’s not necessary to have the watch connected to a samsung phone the gear s3 is also capable of showing all the notifications from your phone and you can even respond to messages sent through apps like viber Skype or whatsapp directly from the watch

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