Digital Marketing Tools that Made Significant Impact in 2019

Digital Marketing Tools that Made Significant Impact in 2019
Digital Marketing Tools that Made Significant Impact in 2019

2019 has been a great year for digital marketers across the globe. And the success of digital marketing campaigns – starting from P&G’s “The Talk” campaign to Burger King’s “Google Home of the Whopper” campaign – we have seen marketers taking the competition to the next level. But it’s not just the creativity and planning that helped marketers succeed this year. Several digital marketing tools have also made a significant contribution to the field.

In this blog, I’m going to highlight 6 top-performing digital marketing tools that have played a crucial role in the success of digital marketing campaigns this year. Let’s see how many of them you know about.


Whether you are a student looking for help with Assignment editing or a content marketer wanting to proofread the final copy – this amazing tool can deliver that while saving you a ton a time.

As you may realize, internet trolling has got to a new level in 2019. And if you mistakenly leave a grammatical error in the content of your marketing or email campaign, you are most likely to become a subject for internet trolling. This efficient tool makes sure that you don’t leave such small errors that can ruin your online reputation.

The tool comes with both a free version and a premium version. For businesses (small, medium or large), I recommend the premium annual pack. It costs just $139.95, which is basically $11.66 per month. You can spot the basic grammatical and spelling errors with the free version, but for advanced proofreading as well as plagiarism checking, the paid version is appropriate.

2.Google analytics

Your SEO team must be well-aware of this tool if I’m not wrong. This tool is an integral part of almost every search engine optimization campaign that took place in the recent past. This free tool lets you track the performance of the keywords of your choice and help you prepare a better strategy for your campaign.

From finding out how the visitors are locating your website to isolating the pages and links that your visitors click the most – Google analytics allows you to have a better understanding of your website’s performance.

There are actually plenty of uses of this tool, and over the past few years, it has helped digital marketers form effective SEO strategies and succeed. If you are not using this tool in 2019, you are missing out on a lot.


People in the social media marketing team love Canva for its efficiency. Unlike other graphic designing tools, Canva lets you create graphics on the go for social media and other digital marketing platforms. Its simple UI allows anyone with basic knowledge of designing, create amazing visual content for the marketing campaigns.

Here, you do not need to create things from scratch. There are hundreds of templates for different visual elements. Also, there are pre-defined image sizes for social media posts, presentation, poster, Facebook cover, infographics and many more. Besides, there are tons of fonts to try and experiment with.

The best part is that Canva is available for free. And it does not require advanced technical knowledge to deliver necessary visual elements. Moreover, its collaboration feature lets you share the image you created and view or edit the image.


Moz is another favourite for SEO managers worldwide. Moz’s keyword explorer deserves a special mention as it seamlessly allows the users to learn what the target audiences are searching for. As you may realize, the keyword explorer, along with a good SERP analysis, can help you determine how to boost organic search traffic, using keywords.

Besides the keyword research, the tool also lets you audit and crawl to ensure the site’s SEO performance and strategies are effective. The tool also lets you enhance your link building research. In fact, Moz offers different options for link analysis, live link index, and competitor research. Also, Moz can serve as an SEO toolbar where you can access instant metrics.

Even though there’s a free trial version available for Moz, the standard plan starts from $99 per month while the premium plan costs $599 per month. If you haven’t used it yet, you can visit Moz’s website and select a plan that suits your business the most.

In conclusion,

As the competition gets tougher, it becomes more crucial for the businesses to know about the latest digital marketing trends and figure out how to leverage the knowledge to their advantage. These aforementioned tools have helped the businesses conduct their digital marketing activities with conviction in 2019. But the problem is that every other business is now using these tools. Perhaps, the businesses need to explore new options that can help them stay ahead of the curve in the coming years.

Do you have any other marketing tools in mind? Share your views and suggestions in the comment section.

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